NEW: stainless steel trolley for drying cabinet M45
DSC_0019DSC_0027 New at Harstra Instruments: a stainless steel trolley with which the process between cleaning and testing takes less time and effort and get’s more efficient. Specially developed for use in combination with the breathing masks drying cabinet M45 with or without frame for better ergonomic posture.Efficient processThe stainless steel trolley for drying cabinet M45 is custom made for up to 5 stainless steel wire baskets of Harstra. These can be easily placed from the cleaning machine onto the trolley. By use of the 4 wheels, the trolley can be driven in front of the drying cabinet. After this, you can pull the wire basket, without unnecessary effort, into the M45. After the drying process, the wire baskets can be easily pulled onto the trolley and driven to the next destination.By use of the new stainless steel trolley, your working process will be more efficient and it takes less time and effort. The trolley is from now on optional for the breathing masks drying cabinet M45, with or without frame.

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