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Harstra Instruments

Drying cabinets

Harstra provides drying cabinets to safely dry breathing masks, self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and clothes. The vaious types of drying cabinets (except type F12) are made of zinc plated steel with scratch-resistant powder coating and a stainless steel inner side. The doors of the drying cabinets contain a magnetic tape closure and can hang both left or right (depending on type drying cabinet). This allows you to place the drying cabinet wherever you want to. For a stable level, the drying cabinets have adjustable legs.

See the different types of drying cabinets below or send a request for quotation.

Drying cabinets


Clothes drying cabinets

These drying cabinets of Harstra are specially designed to dry clothes. Our drying cabinets allow you to dry you clothes fast, safe and with no damage, because we use static drying instead of trumble drying. 

Ademluchtmaskers droogkasten

Breathing masks drying cabinets

The breathing mask drying cabinets are equipped with a digital LED display for temperature or time. You can choose whether you want to dry automatically, the drying cabinet turns of when the breathing masks are dry, or on a time basis. 

Ademluchttoestellen droogkasten

SCBA drying cabinet

Harstra has developed a drying cabinet that offers more space than the other clothes drying cabinets or breathing masks drying cabinets. This drying cabinet is often used for drying up to 12 self contained breathing apparatus, but is also suitable for other products. 


Drying chamber

Do you think a drying cabinet is too small for comforable use? Choose a customized, completely isolated drying cabinet. 


Customized solutions

Harstra Instruments has a wealth of knowledge to find the best solution for your problem. 


Cleaning equipment

Harstra provides cleaning equipment for safe cleaning of breathing masks and self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) with cylinder.