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Harstra Instruments

Customized solutions

Harstra Instruments has a wealth of knowledge and experience to devise the best solution for a specific problem.

Customized solutions

We are always searching for the best suitable and most practical solution and always keep 3 things in mind:


Harstra provides always products with good quality. With many experience and knowledge we always make sure our product have a long lifespan.

We recommend an annual maintenance appointment to keep the equipment as good as possible. To help our customers as quickly as possible, we always keep all parts in stock. 


Service is very important to Harstra Instruments. Together we will discuss what you are looking for and what we can do for you. we will provide you with advice, which we can offer by many years of experience and knowledge.

Your question

Your question, your issue is where it all starts. We will share our vision on the issue, but your question remains the most important part. Together we will see how we can answer your question and how we can provide the best solution.

Want to know more?

Are you curious about what Harstra can mean for your organization? Contact us!