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Harstra Instruments

Cleaning equipment

Harstra provides cleaning equipment for safe cleaning of breathing masks and self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) with cylinder. The various types of cleaning machines are made of stainless steel with a digital readout.

For a quick, safe and optimal cleaning, we provide a cleanser based on a liquid mildly alkaline phosphate and chlorine-free product. To rinse the cleaning machine we provide a neutralizing agent based on citric acid.

See the different types of cleaning machines below or send a request for quotation.

Cleaning equipment

Ademluchtmaskers reinigingsautomaat

Breathing masks cleaning machine

Specially designed for fast and safe cleaning of up to 0 breathing masks.  

ademluchttoestellen reinigingsautomaat

SCBA cleaning machine

Searching for a solution for safe and fast cleaning of 4 SCBA including cylinders? That is possible with our SCBA cleaning machine.  

Ultrasoon baden

Ultrasonic baths

To clean small parts of, for example, breathing masks by ultrasonic cleaning, Harstra provides ultrasonic baths.