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Harstra Instruments


Harstra Instruments was founded in 1940 by the gentleman Harderwijk and van Straaten and was placed in Utrecht. Twenty years later, Mr. van der Ham sr. came into the company as the new partner of Mr. Harderwijk. Mr. van der Ham sr. was the owner of Paphyla, a company that developed scientific instruments.

In time also Mr. Harderwijk left the company and Mr. van der Ham sr. was sole owner. In 1983 Mr. van der Ham sr. wore the company to his only son Mr. van der Ham junior, who with his education and experience has made the company as it is today.

In the year 1985 the logo of Harstra has undergone a first update. Together with the famous Dutch designer Robert (Ootje) Oxenaar (1929), the figurative sign was designed like it is still used today. Robert Oxenaar was also the designer of a number of post-war Dutch banknotes.

Figurative sign Harstra Instruments,
designed by Robert Oxenaar.